Myself and my best friend Joanne met and became friends in recovery so we discuss that in this video.

hi guys Oh clapping - today I am here
with my best friend my bestie Joe and
we're gonna talk about friendships in
recovery because we met we did in rehab
I was face to be not my buddy
yeah take around and show around but she
left me you know what Cherie that was
she irritated me so much I need to see
how like sometimes when the person that
irritates you the most who end up in
love with really Costa Quay which was
weird because we both got bullied at
school true we both didn't like women
we're very trustworthy even still I've
got two friends in my whole life
yeah yeah no I'm like just but I'd
rather his quality over quantity that's
for sure yes that's for sure but I
remember you did grass me up in
treatment yeah because she didn't bother
bred both sides so me who doesn't buy
the pretty but one piece of bread one
piece of butter butter cheese hello's
I've never bought both bit okay now
cheese close right oh so it's healthier
help me out here people please yeah he's
right please let us know about this now
they came round today and made you a
sandwich and first thing you do yeah it
was nice you opened it up and check it
really hmm
it's like me I sniff my I think I myself
it like him something wrong you know I
do sniff my food I am really fussy
really scared of cucumber cucumber
now in it smells and people say don't
listen of it by it overrides everything
no I can smell it if someone else is
eating it on the bus so we're time so
it's true good thanks one two new one
yeah I know we became really placed in
where and we left and yeah left
treatment and we stayed in contact yeah
we kind of had the same things happen
very similar like we both early recovery
yeah yeah they tell you not to get plump
they don't listen to us and if that
survived yeah then maybe ready for yeah
we have had similar journeys and we've
become really really close yeah and it's
so important in recovery so importance
have women friends yeah because also
when you come into recovery like I'm
really close with my mum you're really
close with your mum but there's
sometimes the things you wouldn't talk
to your mum's about that you could you
can pick up your phone and talk to your
friend about oh I know if I'm having a
really crappy day and I just want to
just say that works as well like the
fact that like growing up you like you
were saying about being bullied and so
we always had male friends in stock with
men and so it wasn't easy really for us
we'll sit nothing AC um letting your
guard down isn't it round yeah another
woman the trust if it's the trusted and
like most of you will understand this if
you're addicts alcoholics trust it is
really really difficult because you know
what's happening in our lives growing up
today just trusting it's really hard
yeah I think even for some habits like
men will help me shoes anyone anyone
Riley does have any kind issues you grow
up and you just just you just don't
trust no mind you that's not to say you
come into recovery and people can be
trustworthy yeah we were there yeah
they're in every Walker life yeah so
it's not like you come into recovery and
you never get hurt and everyone can be
trusted but it's learning who you yes
and if it does happen you just have to
let go
yeah really not only not to let things
go big time something that like we could
never do like I could never do because
like you hold on to them resentments and
then you just end up making yourself
angry and that anger fists and you just
make yourself feel yeah and the only
person you're hone is yourself big-time
big-time and hasn't it like being having
friendship and recovery of me maybe
maybe every easier I'm having someone to
laugh with definitely and she's a sick
as me so yeah I'd say to anyone like do
you know what as well it's having
someone like Joe said that you can
relate to so for me like I've also got
like the borderline personality disorder
so I've met some girls with BPD and
that's really nice and then it's having
friends that in addiction because you
know they get you yeah whereas other
people don't and then you have judgment
one day people can be really just so
judgmental but we don't judge each other
no think your dick didn't take it badly
yes yes I'm honest and you trust me yeah
and yeah and I'd only talk about
recovery too much you need even though
is recovery mum but like going back to
the honesty is so important like they
say how honesty I open - willingness
it's so important to have those things
really just and I can't have that with
anyone no you can't you can't you know
like I I don't even know that much about
personally but I know what it's like to
be depressed yeah well we were talking
today what was the thing you said you
got oh man I know I've got it site so I
hang on site cuz your buckle right now
Joey's got really bad back bad I'm just
like physically that's been really hard
to having that's so hard slip my disc
everything recovery which is hard
because then you need strong painkillers
and you risk getting addicted to them
yes and that has been like part of my
journey actually because like when they
put me on tremor doll like it was a
bowel it was a battle you know because
my head will say no I'll just get it
oh yeah no no no yeah you know but we're
gonna have those full some way yeah as
long as you don't act on them in
response to do the things you've got
doing your friends right and that's all
right and that's why it's important to
have those proposed changes so yeah cuz
because you can phone them this side
Plouffe Mia psych loft Mia disorder is a
relatively mild mood disorder in cyclic
disorder mood swings swing between short
periods mild depression and hypomania
and elevated mood the low and high mood
swings never reached the severity or
duration of magic major depressive or
full mania episodes
that's so may take like mild bipolar and
it came from one to the other pair yeah
but you see I really like that natural
high and I can't not really hi far see I
I didn't be do on it not long ago but
you go more nuts for me I do yeah yeah
yeah yeah so you just get a nice little
buzz yeah and it's I'm like what yeah
yeah I find it dangerous when I get like
that do you yeah it's different to see
oh that's it yeah well my lovely should
we leave that latter day and hopefully
jello and we and some more of my videos
and I can get around when she's not ill
peace I will be back
possibly Sunday the older to go to their
dad so I might be able to squeeze a
video in there because I'm adding
Joanne's video tonight before this one
probably her story of drug addiction and
and recovery so I'll be doing that and
then yeah I'll be back with you as you
all know I am a bit behind with my
messages no phones me saying you haven't
but yeah I will on the REM trying to
catch up just wanna catch up to the bear
with me alright but have a wonderful
nah laughs bye guys
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