In this video I  talk about the power of being in a group of same sex people as yourself that all share a common problem, be it mental health or addiction.

hi so women's group and men's group
obviously I'd not being part of a man's
group and but I know that what I'm
talking about with women is the same
from them so I've got a lot of issues
with trust around women I used to go
through life thinking all women bitches
and I would hang around with the boys
and that's why I tended to do I'm not
going to go into my history now but I
went to an all-girls school and I got
bullied for a few years there and I also
had a good female friend of mine betray
me so I have got a lot of reasons to not
trust women well I got to a point where
I was so depressed I was under this
community mental health team and they
put together a women's group group of
women all different ages different
backgrounds one thing in common were
either anxious depressed personality
disorders so we all got together and I
was really apprehensive because I didn't
want to share my stuff with these people
I wasn't very trusting and I didn't know
them but over the whigs the barrier
kinda came down because these women
understood me there were so nice I'm
still this is years ago and I'm still in
contact with them today and I realized
the power we generated in that room like
would be buzzing I used to look forward
to that two hours on a Friday to spend
with the girls where we all understood
each other would all take in turns to
say what I week me like I have a good
old Mona give each other advice and and
it was really powerful because we were
able to help each other it's kind of
like what they do in the 12-step
fellowships in the fact an addict
helping another addict with this it was
those with mental health helping other
girls of mental health and we kind of
created this bond and it was so amazing
so I did that for a few years my alcohol
my drug addiction started spiraling out
control and i ended up in rehab
rehab though some girls there I didn't
get on they didn't like me and we
clashed a bear and I started getting
that attitude again like girls can't be
trusted girls are bitches I knew it
round you are you up so I've left
treatment thinking on fixed actually and
put recovery down didn't want to do
meetings because in 12-step fellowship
meetings it's the girls tend to sit with
the girls especially newcomers and the
boys with the boys so I've gone into me
right I stopped the meetings because I
didn't want to be around loads of girls
because I didn't trust them and I put
that barrier backup which was actually
so unhelpful because why not going to
the meetings I got to really really dark
place and there's only time for I said
you know what i need help i need to i
need to get my butt to a meeting and
that's exactly what i did and the girls
literally open their arms and welcome to
me and they wrap themselves around me
not physically but like of the support I
had from them and from talking to them I
we were all the same again we all
thought other women bitches this had
happened that we stuff with the boys um
but we became really really close and
would meet each other regularly wasn't
just the meetings we all kind of support
each other and again the power I've
never laughed so hard in my entire life
as I have with some of those girls and
it's really made me think like women
keys so bitchy and judgmental you read
about in all these magazines about these
trolls and this person's fact that
person fat this person's tooth in listen
we're women and we should stick together
we shouldn't be swaggin each other off
we get enough shit from men sometimes
but we're not that men are bad but but
we should stick together because I think
women together of unstoppable really and
I've seen it time and time again women
helping each other and it's amazing and
I just I think in this day and age
actually that doesn't happen
often enough and like everything i've
said to do with women I do think for the
men as well because I've seen obviously
the men in recovery sticking together
building those friendships building
those bombs and helping each other and
it's kind of amazing people that you'd
never like you don't even know that well
but reaching out and helping you and
yeah it's powerful stuff really really
really yeah I'm really lucky I've got
the amazing girlfriend so amazing and
I'm so glad that I was able to let that
barrier down because really if I haven't
let those girls in chances are I could
be dead from drug or alcohol now leave
that there I are
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