hi my lovelies I apologize for that no
makeup and the bad hair I've basically
been poorly someone said before paulie's
sick like ill over here we say poorly
sometimes for about 12 days and it
started with a sore throat and a fever
and a cough and with all this
coronavirus going on it's like oh it
could be any virus I haven't been tested
I did phone I'll take that a call then
when actually not he then came down
then Amelia I've got sent home from
school really high temperature and then
he and got it in the next night and
Eason got it today so all five of us are
down now so we're following government
guidelines we have to isolate so we will
be in I've actually got it worse like
I've had it worst I think - Towanda not
going but that's a good thing because I
don't want my kids to have it Easton's
the one I really worry about because
he's got really bad asthma but he only
go he got the fever today so I found one
one one no I didn't that's a lie I went
on the one one one side one one over
here it's like our non-emergency medical
line so you can speak to a nurse or a
doctor and they advise you on what you
can do so I did it all online and the
advice I got was go to your doctor so I
phoned my doctor and tried to make an
appointment and they said oh well you
need to phone one one one so I said oh
so I frame one one one they were like
you need to find your doctor and make an
appointment so I phoned my doctor and
said I need to make an appointment and
they said no you can't come to the surge
it's like what do i do what do i do and
it's really funny cuz I was talking to
the lady in reception and she said like
it's really interesting hearing your
story because actually had spoken to
loads of people that day and everyone's
telling our different things like we're
all being told different things no one
really knows what to do
type dip bone one one one yesterday
again and I said like I explained
everything and she said well what you
need to do is if you've had it like once
you've had it longer than seven days
give us a call back and we will discuss
it and I said oh I did just say I've had
it twelve days and she said yes so in
seven days if you and I said but I
thought you said once you've had it
seven days and she says yes and that was
like I've had it twelve days I've had it
longer than seven days and she oh yeah
just stay in just stay in so that was
the advice I've got so they're not
testing over here now unless you're in a
I am I go up and down like one minute
I'm okay one I mean I'm not I don't know
what it is I've had my flu jab but then
you can still get the flu so I can't
guarantee that it's coronavirus but I
wanted to talk about coronavirus anyway
I wanted to do this bit yesterday but I
didn't have a very good day yesterday
and then I noticed the lovely Corey
borderline life she did a video on air
which I'm going to watch as well
especially regarding like anxiety well
there's a number of different things
because those of us with mental health
issues one of them is we're on
medication and one of the fears might be
what if we can't get our medication like
all these countries are putting in new
restrictions and that what if we're not
able to access that
the advice of today's just make sure
you'll stock up you have the month
supply on you another is that fear of
losing someone you love the way I see it
is we can't control anything we can only
follow the advice wash our hands
da da da we know we've had it drummed
into us like like we didn't wash my
hands before but maybe some of us don't
because some people like who you have
sorry washing my hands so yeah that's
all we can do and try if you've got a
cough or you've got a fever like do what
I'm doing I'm just staying in staying
away from people and it's not because I
fear like for myself because we know
most people are recovering from it
absolutely fine but there's people out
there that are vulnerable and I don't
want to be the person that passes on to
someone that might really struggle and
have a really severe case so we'll have
anxiety weather I mean the anxiety is
huge and I know like for me like
catastrophizing we can think ahead and
everywhere shutting down the stock
markets crushing schools are closing
down not over here I do I agree with it
or not I write so like I don't really go
into politics or anything much but like
I've been watching Boris Johnson and
he's saying he's following science and
the scientists behind this and there and
I've listened to the explanation and
over here he's saying we are kind of at
this point we are going
get a lot worse and if we put all these
restrictions now by the time we lot
worse lots of people wanna go out if
they shut schools a lot of working
parents might have to pass the children
to the grandparents to look after them
and the grandparents are probably the
most vulnerable so I do I do understand
why it seems like we're not doing things
all the countries are doing but maybe
there's a reason behind it
do I agree with that I don't know I just
don't know because we look at China and
they just shut everything went really
like completely isolated everyone and
their case is now going down and they
seem to have got it under control
I suppose with China it was all in one
area wasn't it so it was easier to have
that control now it's all over the world
and like over in the UK it's not one
specific place that has it it's then
we've dotted everywhere and that's the
problem I suppose in the long term is
that the way it's just spreading we
catastrophize those of us with BPD or we
can I know I can and I'm right
how about is this gonna get like are we
gonna run out of food we gonna have no
money no jobs what what's gonna happen
but at the same time I don't I don't
think that's helpful and I think we've
just got to keep it in here and now and
all we can do is stuff that we have got
control over and that is isolate if you
don't feel very well wash your hands you
cough or sneeze do it you know your
tissue or whatever there things we have
control over I'm seeing people the panic
buying and everyone just like stock it
up I don't I don't agree with her
because I think there was a there was
enough for everyone and I'm just seeing
these pictures of like old people
that might not get out maybe they've
paid like their little bit of money to
get their taxi to a shop do their
monthly shot and they're going in and
there's no toilet roll and there's no no
pasta and it just makes me really sad
because I'm like you know a lot of old
people they're on their pension and they
don't have much money and they can't
afford to stock up they might not get
out all the time and because there's the
few that are just taking everything
those people are going without I read
even in my own area someone had posted
something earlier on this Facebook site
saying there was a blind lady who was in
her 80s from the shop and literally
everyone was just barging past her to do
their own shop like what the heck this
time like last month I did the video I
explained about Caroline Flack the
suicide and after that this big thing
about be kind be kind to people be nice
to people and here we are people barging
past old people Oh blind lady bike and
the guy that posted he said literally no
one helped her he actually took her and
took her on whole shop helped her pack a
bag and so there are kind people out
there but yeah it's mass hysteria this
panic buying I I don't I don't get it
but I believe in it like even the face
masks everyone's carrying man you can't
get face masks not even that they're
scientifically proven to work but there
are people that actually need those face
masks that now can't get it and it kind
of so I just think what they're cuz this
world come to
I don't want to go on too long I wanted
just to have a chat let you know I've
got all kids home all kids all week now
next week we're all going to be home and
which is fine I suppose it protects them
practice protects other people as well
the lovely mums at the school have all
been messaging and saying if you need
any shopping dropped off so it's like
for you guys you're all so nice as there
are lovely people out there I hope you
guys are okay like I said we can
catastrophize and we can really make a
huge thing out of this and I'm not
saying it's not huge because like I'm
seeing all these memes online and some
really make me chuckle and I think humor
is a good thing you know there's nothing
wrong with it but it's only a good thing
if you still recognize the seriousness
of the matter and you're not just really
dismissive like oh why they're from
panicking it's nothing because obviously
is something because governments are
doing stuff it I believe is serious how
serious I don't know I don't think
anyone actually knows what's the point
in me catastrophizing and thinking the
worst all the time and that would be my
advice to you guys is just keep it in a
day and yeah just like we don't know we
don't but all we all we can do is do
stuff that we have control over like I
just said before being myself like a
mess I'm going to hopefully because I'll
be home I will have the kids about my
little angels but I'm hoping to get a
few videos done this week because I've
got a lot of video requests I'm sorry I
haven't done one today but I wanted this
is look like this is a big topic at the
moment it's all over the news
yeah I'll probably realize I had loads
more to say that I forgot but nevermind
I love you
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