hi my lovelies so today I'm gonna do a
quick video request yes it is
coronavirus related I know science said
not another coronavirus video but here's
the thing I'm getting a lot of requests
on this subject it is something that is
happening now a lot of us what we're
kind of it's very surreal right is this
actually happening like what is going on
and it feels like our worlds are being
turned upside down and so it's important
that I don't just think oh no I'll do
those videos that later date because
this is really happening now and I know
a lot of people probably have the same
kind of things going on so I got a video
request from rainbow club and she
mentioned their fear regarding having
elderly parents that aren't very well so
first of all I'd say low I do understand
my brother is a vulnerable he has
mitochondrial disease one thing that we
can like do that that's why practical
that can help them is stay away from
them and it might sound harsh but stay
away from them that isolation is key if
we we were all isolating this can slow
down secondly to accept that this
anxiety and this fear it's actually
perfectly natural as human beings we
have these feelings they are what have
helped the human race survive and is
normal it doesn't mean all of a sudden
you have this big anxiety disorder is
most of us are going to be feeling
anxious and scared right now
and I would say it actually strange if
we didn't feel anxiety or fear if
someone feels no anxiety no fear
chances are it's because they haven't
actually recognized the severity of the
situation so I would say
when these thoughts come up because the
thing with BPD is they our thoughts can
very quickly become very intrusive and
get to the point that we can't function
properly we can't stop thinking about it
we're walking around with this sick
feeling in our stomach not knowing what
to do with ourselves it's good to
recognize the fear know it's there but
also tell ourselves that we're doing
everything we can to protect our loved
ones is if you have elderly relatives
let like and just do your part them let
them know stay inside
don't go out we can put food on your
doorstep and leave the outside for you
and do stuff like that because that's
physically really all what we get the
only thing we can do and when the
thoughts become intrusive we need to
start using skills and when I say the
I mean skills that you may have or may
not have learned to help deal with BPD
if you haven't learnt them yet it's fine
you can still put them into practice get
busy get busy distract distract distract
put on a good DVD watch Netflix put sky
on whatever take up a new hobby because
that's the thing we've got loads of time
to put these skills into place and I'll
go into more different things that you
can do tomorrow but yet you can
definitely get get busy around the house
it could be I'm gonna move all my
furniture around and make the front room
look completely different my bedroom I'm
gonna have a saw out I'm gonna do this
I'm gonna things that would like take
your mind off those thoughts just for a
bit and know that we we can get through
this we will get through this together
and you're not the only one feeling like
trust me you are not the only one with
these fears there are so many of us out
that I think like I said most people
right now are gonna be feeling the fair
and it's okay we just can't let it
consume us we've just gotta know we're
doing our part and our part is washing
our hands coughing into you they don't
shake people's hands stay two meters
away from people
isolate stay in just stay in and keep
safe and the more people that do that
the less people will contract this virus
though hopefully death will slow down ba
we literally need to isolate completely
and I hope just like watching on the
news and all the people over here right
today because the weather was nice all
going to the beach I mean I think they
had to West which mean I think they had
to close the beach because there were so
many people parks or getting packed and
I just think why why don't people get it
but we have no controller for other
people what we can do our part and make
sure that we stay away and we isolate
and then we will have a clear conscience
and not have that worry that wheeled the
ones that have passed it from someone
because the thing is with this there can
be people with no symptoms and they can
pass it on so you might think I'm a lock
or no symptoms I'm going to go out mix
with people you could still have it you
could still have in that's how it's
getting passed on and so yeah do your
bit distract where possible don't let
those thoughts completely consume you
because because it's not helpful it's
just gonna leave you feeling really
really down if you are able
or to speak with your mental health team
or your doctor I know I can phone my
mental health team and talk about
medication and I can get prescribed
stuff over the phone they don't have to
see me when it's to do with the mental
health team maybe if you're really
struggling give them a call say it's
really difficult time I'm really
struggling with either unstable moods or
anxiety intrusive thoughts and just have
a talk with them and see maybe if you
can get a medication so I co we say
medication doesn't solve everything but
it can help and it can ease the symptoms
yeah I'll leave that there
hey guys but I'll be back tomorrow and I
love more later
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